Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mothers Day

To celebrate Mother's Day this year the students wrote about their mums. Here are some of the stories that reflect just how special their mums are:

My  mum is the best of the world.

My mum is the best of the world because she loves me. But my mum, she lives in Tonga and I miss her very much and she misses me. At this time of the happy mothers day I am so missing my mum and I send love to my mum.
By David 

My mum is the best mum ever because she cares for me
by dropping me off to school every day. She also looks out for me and she doesn't want to lose me or neither of my family.

My mum is special because she tucks me into bed every night and when ever I say something bad to her, I feel like a bad person and I don’t want to be a bad person so I go and apologize and that's how much I love my  mum. My mum loves me no matter what she will never let go of me.

I know it’s really hard to be a mum because you have to pay the bills look after the kids go to work and do the laundry but I love my mum because she take cares of me and wants me to have the bestest future ever and that one day I will be a great mum like her. My mum shows how much she loves me by giving me hugs and cuddles every day .

I love my mum because I have her as my mum who takes care of me. I love my mum because she looks after me because I am her child and she is my mum. She is perfect and I never want her to change and she is loving, caring, sharing and very easy to forgive. My mum is cool and funny she makes up the most funniest jokes ever. She makes me feel happy and not so lonesome but makes me happy to have a wonderful mum who raised me.

When I grow up I want to be just like my mum and be the most loving parent in the whole wide world. I want my mum to stay with me forever but I know that she is better in heaven so that god will look after her.   

By Lezabelle

My mum is the best mum.
She looks after me and she helps me.  She cleans my room.  I love my mum and she loves me too.

My aunt is the best aunt in the whole world because she looks after me. 
And she makes yummy food. And she also supports me in what I do.
Aunt, thank you for buying us food and lunch for school. And getting us ready for school.
Happy Mothers day aunt for what you have done for me and the family. 
From Lopeti

My Prayer to my aunt
Dear God
Please look after my aunt for all the things she does for me.