Friday, 1 February 2013

Miss Leaupepe's letter to Room 6

103 Castledine Street
Glen Innes

Friday, 1st February 2013

Talofa Room 6!

I can’t believe the time for school has come around already! I thought I’d write you a letter to all of you to introduce myself to you, your new awesome, super cool, fantastic, fun, sometimes grumpy teacher! I’m really excited to be working at St Pius X School and even more excited to be your teacher. Ok, so you already know that my name is Miss Leaupepe. What else is there? I’m originally from Wellington and have been in Auckland for about 7 months now and am loving it! I miss my friends and family but they’re only an hour plane ride away so it’s not too bad. Before I moved to Auckland I taught in Samoa for over a year. I loved living there and I miss the hot weather! I’ve been teaching for about 8 years now and have taught from Year 4s to Year 8s. I love little kids but there’s no way I could be a junior teacher!

Now about my family. My dad is from Samoa, he comes from the villages of Faleasiu and Fasito’o-uta. He’s from a family of 10 so that side of my family is HUGE! My mum is from Australia and was born and raised in Brisbane so we’re Queensland hard. Mum comes from a small family, she only had 1 brother and 1 sister so my Australian side is pretty small. I have 1 younger sister and her name is Analise. At the moment she lives in France and has been there for almost a year. She lives in Carcasonne which is in the south of France. We are only 22 months apart so we’re pretty close. I also have 2 half brothers and they both live in Auckland. We’re a very close family and I’m proud of all the different cultures that make me who I am.

I’m a big sports fan and love watching a whole range of different sports. My favourite sport to watch is rugby league and my favourite team is the Melbourne Storm. As my mum was born in Queensland, I am a staunch Queensland supporter and love State of Origin time. Especially becasue we’ve won 7 years in a row! I also love food, my favourite food is Samoan food. I love pisupo, luau, oka, name it, I’ll eat it! I also love being with family and friends and usually this involves lots of food so it all works out perfectly. Things I don’t like...I am absolutely petrified of injections! I cry almost every time I have to have one and I’ve been this way since I was about 7 years old. It’s rather funny that I’m scared of needles though because I’ve had 4 tattoos! I guess I can’t be that scared, can I?

My goal for this year is to develop a class that strive for excellence in all that they do. I always set high expectations for my class and as a team we will work hard together to reach our goals. I am really excited to be at a new school and to be Room 6’s teacher. I can’t wait to meet all my new students and to get our year started together. I have high hopes for our class and I hope you’re all excited too! It’s going to be hard work but I know we’ll all be up to the challenge. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

See you all on Monday!

From your new teacher,

Miss Leaupepe