Thursday, 31 July 2014

Report Writing - Polar Bears by Rosrine

I will be writing a report about Polar Bear’s and about their Appearance (What they Look Like). What food they eat, about how they move, their habitat and also their LIFE CYCLE.

A Polar Bear has 42 sharp adult teeth. A polar bear is not white, under its skin its actually black. A Polar Bear looks like a normal bear but it lives in Antarctica. The Polar Bears have a very short tail, its only 10 cm long

Polar Bears have been adapted to be able to live in the water and on land. Mostly all Polar Bears live in Antarctica. Unlike other Bear Species the Polar Bears are excellent swimmers, and have been spotted more than 100 miles away from land or ice.

During the summer months, Polar bears start eating berries and plants. Sometimes polar bears eat meat during winter. Polar Bear’s Bearberries are described as having small leathery leaves, white or pinkish urn shaped flowers.

Polar Bear’s are Mammals, therefore they use the same system as humans to move. These movements are the muscles, skeletal and nervous systems. Like other bears, polar bears can stand on their
hind feet and walk upright for short distances.

Polar bears are most active the first third of the day and least active the final third of the day.
Life Cycle:
Polar Bears come out as little cubs, and then grows up. Polar Bears usually breed at the age of, five or six years of age. Most all Polar Bears have twins. Polar Bears grow up at the age of 5.
 This Report is about Polar Bear’s I hope you have enjoyed it THANK YOU.