Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Dawn - My Super Hero

This term we have been studying the work of a New Zealand artist, Robyn Kahukiwa. She taught us that everyone has a Super Hero inside them.

My super hero is 3 people who inspire me.
The hair represents my cousin Olalini.
The rosary represents god the father.
The pule tasi represents my awesome Mum.
I love and thank all these people.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Dawn - Music Evening

“Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Malo lelei, Bula Vinaka and Good Evening”, Lavinia said in a cheerful voice. Later on Room 2 lead us with a prayer, “In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit...Amen...”.  After they had finished Room 1 and 2 did their item. We gave them a big round of applause. I heard a lot of the audience shouting comments such as “Aww, cute!”. Not long after their items the crowd sat down and it was Room 7’s turn. They welcomed everyone with a Maori song.

Mrs. Carter talked to her “gophers” and said “After them you have to bring the instruments forward please”, Room 5 done their item, it was beautiful. Then Room 4 performed their Boogie!. Room 4 had a lot of energy for their item. Next up is Fresh Vibration!. Fresh Vibration was Awesome with their original song “Happy”. Now it’s time for NOIZY BOIZ!. St. Pius X screamed “Ahhh!! WOW! NOIZY BOIZ! You were all AWESOME!” . For Room 3’s item they sang “Puppet on the Street”, it was lovely. Finally it was our turn. Lavinia welcomed us in and said “Next up is Room 6, come on Room 6 show us what you got!”.

We had finished our performance and it was PHENOMENAL!. After our performance the Room 7 boys done a Fijian dance called the “Meke”.The night was finished off with a song lead by  A’leina. The song was from the  movie “Sister Act.”.


Ascott - Music Evening

Music Evening
How to play piano“Mum hurry up we need to go oh man I’ll be late”. “Bye I need to go” so I ran to class. Some people were already there, but not everyone. Mrs Modley’s daughter took pictures of the boys and the girls in room 6. Mrs Tui rang the bell for the classes to lined up.

The most of school walked inside the hall. But my class had to wait for Lezabelle. Room 2 started first with a prayer. Alia was singing “God is love and God’s love is everlasting”. After that the room 7 girls did a maori dance to say welcome the audience.

Room 1 did a stick dance it was cool. Then room 2 and 1 did a dance together. Next it was room 5 they played two songs with their recorders. They played and walked all around the stage. Room 4 did a dance called the beat box boogie. When they danced everyone started to boogie, even I tried to boogie.

Room 3 was singing but we were next, I felt scared. When they finished we walked to the stage and played our first song “oh when the saints”. When played it a second time, Leone was singing and clapping all over the place. Lastly we played “twinkle, twinkle little star”. Room 1 and 2 were singing along when we were playing.

Room 7 boys did a Fijian dance called the Meke, it was scary. Aleina standed up, and the whole school was singing. Then we started to overtake Aleina. It was an awesome night but I was tired, so i went home.

Desiree - My Athlete

VALERIE ADAMS, women's shot put gold, Beijing 2008 - Valerie Vili, as she was then, went into the Olympics as world champion after a title winning throw in the final round but was determined not to leave it too late in Beijing. After throwing the furthest in qualifying, the 23-year-old blew the field away with a personal best of 20.56m on her first throw. She continued with that form with the rest of her five throws, all of them sailing out past the 20m-mark. Such was her dominance that three of her five efforts were good enough for gold.  (Source: Photosport )

Valerie Adams is my athlete. She plays shot put for New Zealand.Valerie Adams height is 193 cm /6,4. She weighs  120 kg/265 lbs. For training she lifts 100 pounds.   Valerie Adams was born on October 14th  1984,in Rotorua. She began to take part in shotput contests at the age of 14 years. When she took part in the schoolcompetition she was seen by Jean-Pierre, (Valerie Adams current coach).Her Tongan mother died from cancer when Valerie was 16.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Leone - My holidays

During the holidays I did a lot of things. I cleaned up the house and my room. I also watched a lot of television. My favorite t.v programs were “ Men in Black 3” and Hancock. I also helped my mum with making the food and doing the shopping. My family and I also went to see my dad many times during the holidays. I also went to my uncles funeral with my grandparents. The funeral was up north so we had to drive very far. At the funeral I stayed with my cousin, Peli. After the funeral the holidays were almost over, so we drove back home to get my uniform ready for school.

Christian - Cymbals

Cymbals are basically two thin pieces of metal that you smack together. It makes a beautiful sound. Cymbals have two leather straps that you can put your four fingers in. This helps to smash the two pieces of metal together.

A common place were cymbals are used is in a band usually marching bands. Cymbals sometimes lead the band at marching. A cymbal is part of the percussion family, there are all sorts of cymbals like the suspended cymbal, which is a part of a drum kit, The percussion instruments include the timpani, snare drum, bass drum, xylophone, glockenspiel, chimes, gong, cymbals, and lots of smaller percussion instruments.

Also cymbals can be played in different volume and different ways, like you can jump and play the cymbals and play the cymbals loud(or soft). Cymbals are usually bronze or gold, also the leather strap is usually brown. Cymbals can come in all sorts of sizes depending on what you want.

Cymbals are really cool and it is fun to play. Another cool thing about cymbals is that you do not need chords, you can just pick them up then smack them together.

Aisake - My Holiday

My Holiday

On the holiday I went to my cousins house. We played games. First we played games on the X-box. The game was called, "Gears of War 2".    

Afterwards we played in the back yard.  We played, touch.There were eight people in each team.  My team was losing by four points.

The last game we played was throwing the frisbee with the dog.  I had a lot of fun playing with the dog and my cousins.

Dalaney - Tug of war


File:1912 summer olympics tug of war.jpg

Dalaney and the all stars are a New zealand team in the Olympics.
What an amazing win for Dalaney and the All Stars.Just watching them pull that rope felt like it was going to brake. But then someone  shouted from the crowd, “pull harder you can do it, believe in yourself and bring home the win”. And everyone shouted, “yeah pull harder”. So they pulled as hard as they could and won.
PLAYERS NAMES Dalaney(c),Sam kane,Kevin Mealamu,
Ma Nouno,Israel dagg,David Tua,Shane Cameron and
Richie Mccaw (vice c) JUDGE Sir Graham Henry

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Howick Historical Village

Going back to the  past

One happy Friday St Pius X School went to Howick Historical Village.  We were wearing olden days clothes. We had morning tea before we went to have our first activity and we played some games. The first game we played was with a rope and the second game was with a little soft ball. That was the funniest game because the boys looked like they were kissing and then the last game was Squeak, piggie squeak.  That was my best game and it was funny too.

After that we went to Miss Millie’s classroom.  I thought the school looked like a house until the teacher came out with her stick that the olden day kids get a hiding with. She looked happy when she came out then when she told us about the rules she said “Don’t talk when the teacher is talking.” Then she looked angry. After she told us she welcomed us into the class and she explained what we would get punished for. I felt a little bit scared then I remembered that this was just a play so we sat down and wrote with nib and ink. Some people had a slate penil and a slate black board.

Then we went to the next activity where Miss James stays. We were put into four groups. I was put in Deja’s group. I was wondering what we were doing until I saw the tools on the ground. Then Miss James showed us a photo of the trolley we had to make. So we started and our team was running up and down to see what to do to fix the trolley. We put screws into the trolley then we got mixed up so Sione went and looked at the photo again. The other teams were about to finish so Villiami’s mum came past and helped a little bit more. Then Miss James said “Pack up time.” The other two teams were finished. They were riding their trolleys back and front while Mrss Moodley was taking the photos. After that Deja’s group saw room 7 so we all went outside and sat down on the ground with our bags to eat. After that its was our last activity.

After we finish eating we went to Rebecca for the treasure hunt. We were in teams finding stuff that didn’t belong to Howick Village. I was in Mrs Moodley's team. When we finished we called out what we found. Deja called our team and Lose called the other team.

Then we all lined up to go home then we all went on the bus and slept on the bus like sleeping tigers.

Howick Historical Village

The sun was high up but the clouds were blocking the sun from sharing its brightness, luckily it wasn’t so bad that it rained because it would have ruined our trip to Howick Historical Village! “I like your skirt” said Julia to Salome, Salome replied in a quivering voice “Shh stop mocking me its not funny.” Julia said “Fine..” with a little giggle. “Get your bag and then line up outside, Come on Come on quickly” yelled Mrs. Moodley all of the children rushed outside grabbed their bags of course before they went out and lined up. (I would've said they lined up perfectly but its not TRUE!) A couple of minutes after line up Rooms 6,7, 3 and 5 turned and faced the front gate of the school so they could walk down the hill and into the bus and begin our ADVENTURE at Howick Historical Village!

“That was my house” yelled Latanoa when she had spotted it but some of us just gave her that look “Like umm since when?”. Later when we had sat down Latanoa carried on saying “That was my house!” then the rest of us just groaned!  

When we had finished eating our morning tea we had put our bags into a cupboard and lined back up into our classes, Room 6 was the best at lining up (SURPRISING!) so first of all we left. We had walked over to this house that was pretty big, when we had gotten there we had no idea what was going to happen next so first the girls went in and etc. We were all fascinated at what the houses looked like when we saw the room, our guidance, Miss Doods, first taught us a few games and all of them made us laugh and scream. After we had finished our “parlour” games we had a quick tour around the house and it was fascinating!

Our next activity was at the school house... “Shortest to tallest please quickly!” said Mrs. Mills, “She’s scary” I whispered to my friend Salome and she replied with a face that was dead plain it was like someone was holding her hostage then I just got a fright and faced the front. When we had all gotten into the school house the girls had to curtsy to greet and the boys had to bowed it was weird to me and I bet I wasn’t the only one that was thinking that. First we partnered up and then sat in our seats, on our desk we had sitting in front of us a slate and another slate. (what you write with and what you write on.) Later on when we were in the schoolhouse we had a spelling quiz, it was easy!

Ding Ding Ding Ding! That meant we have to move to our next activity. “Hello children” says Mrs. White after she had finished we walked inside, we had been split up into four groups also in different parts of the room and all we had to do was build something similar to a cart (sounds pretty easy but it’s not!). Mrs. White showed us a picture of what we had to build and what it was meant to look like then she explained the boundaries and then we went off! “No it doesn’t go there it goes here” screamed eager students on this task  because this was a task that you had to work with your group but some people just couldn’t help it! The group I was in we kept on screaming “FINISHED!” so Mrs. White walked over to our group and said “Nope something is not in its right place” and we groaned! “Finally!” we all screamed because the bell rang but it wasn’t so stable because after two people went on it fell apart!
Lunchtime. Before we walked out we had to take our “cart” apart then we walked outside. I had my lunch with my other friend Genevieve we shared our lunch together then moved on to our next activity.

Next Activity was something kinda like a scavenger hunt and a tour?  (I have forgotten our guide’s name for this activity.) Again we had been split up but we only were split up into two groups one with Mrs. Moodley and one with our guide. Our guide first explained how to do it and then we all took off in our groups. Later my friend Julia and Latanoa had to go with Mrs. Moodley so that meant I was with Salome and Siniva but while we were walking and walking around the village I ended up playing a little game with Dalaney... “Boo!” says Dalaney behind a door, “So scary” I said sarcastically but after we moved on and I discovered that life in the olden days were very harder compared to now a days.

We had finished all of our activities and said a big “THANK YOU!” to the Mrs and Miss’s and went back to school.                                          

Howick Historical Village

A trip back in time.

“The suns out, that’s a good sign”, I thought to myself as I got up, I got changed and got ready for a long day. I came to school to find my friends standing in the corridor chatting to each other without going inside the classroom. I waited and waited with the girls in the corridor until the bell rang and when we went outside and lined up and we were all excited and hyped about our trip, and then it was go time. Once we got to the Howick Historical Village we all sat and ate our lunch with a good view of old houses from back in the days. Once everyone was finished eating we set off to start our day.

Room 6 went to Parlour Games with Mrs Dodos, The Parlour games was in a big house, Mrs Dodos showed us how they played games with a rope and a wool ball. My favorite game that we played was Squeak Piggy Squeak. Squeak piggy Squeak is when a group of people play with a blindfold and a pillow and they sit in a circle and someone is blindfolded and they walk in the middle of the circle and  through a pillow in front of someone and the person that is sitting has to say “Squeak piggy squeak” and the person that is is blindfolded has to guess who the person is. They were all interesting things to play with. When when we finished playing all the games we had a fast look around the house, “to me it looked haunted, but it wasn’t”. We all came out of the house and we carried on to the next activity.

The next activity we went to was to School, the school at the village, when you look at it on the outside it looks small but when you walk in it’s big, when we were walking to school we had to wait outside for Mrs Mills to lead us in and to seat us, but first she explained the rules and the main rules were “Never talk when the teacher in talking” and ‘Never talk when you're not asked to talk” and as she lead us into the room there was hardly any space, the desk were so small to fit us in we had to squeeze ourselves in, She told us a lot about school and what they learned back in the days, the thing I was scared of was the Whipping stick, and the thing that I liked about school was that they had ink and the slates to work on, when school was finished we went to the next activity.

The next activity we went to was trolley making with Mrs White, we went into a little room where Mrs White separated everyone into four teams, I was in a little team, We had to make a trolley or a little cart, everyone worked as a team and only one group made a proper trolley, my team were struggling to work as a team because we were yelling at each other and we were the only team that was loud, we were the loudest team out of everyone.And when we finished that activity everyone had lunch and we carried on to the next activity.

The last activity we went to was to the tour which was a challenge between two teams, One team went with Mrs Moodley and the other went with Rebeca, we had to look for Things that do not belong in the 1800’s, as we walked around we all wanted to look at the Long drop which is a toilet that they used, we found a lot of thing in each house we stopped at, One of the houses were Mrs White’s Great Great Grandfathers house, it was very old that we had to treat it with lots of care. And then the tour was finished we went and lined up with the rest of the school
And when we finished saying our goodbyes everyone got on the bus and we were going to school, BUT!! as the bus driver began to go Mrs Tui walked out with a few of the kids. Then the bus driver stopped and we waited until they were seated in the other bus and we all came back to school together.As we came to school Mrs Moodley told everyone “If you sleep, you get a chocolate fish” and everyone tried their best to sleep.

And everyone came back to school very tired.    

Howick Historical Village

Back to the Victorian Age
“Lunch box, bag and shoes all over the place! Where can I find my shoes? Ah there they are.” I walked over to the bath and got ready for our school trip to Howick Historical village. We arrived at the school and I walked to the class. After a while the bell rang for the senior syndicate to get ready for the trip. Finally we arrived at the village. First of all  we had to eat our morning tea, then we got sent off to our classes. My class walked together and lined lined up into two straight lines.

Our first class was called “ Parlour Games” The aim of the game called “Squeak Piggy Squeak” was to sit in front of someone's lap and say “Squeak Piggy Squeak” and they had to try and hide their identity and the person who said “Squeak Piggy Squeak” has to try and identify who is SQUEAKING!  We played a couple of games, we learned that the the kids from the olden days only got a piece of rope for christmas but they liked what they got. After playing some wonderful games we split into 2 groups and we had a look around the house,” We found some really interesting things. It was time to go to the schoolhouse.

We wandered around the village to look for the school, we saw room 5 walk out of the school so we all walked in our lines and stood in front of the teacher. The teacher asked if we are responsible kids? I looked to the teacher and she gave me some funny eyes. I said, “ Yes I’m responsible” and we walked into the class. “ She’s serious,” I thought to myself. The teacher said that all the girls had to curtsy and all the boys had to bow. It was time to learn what we had to learn. It was very scary because the teacher came walking around the class with a crane hooked onto her arm. The moment she step foot in front of me, she spoke up to the whole class,” Normally if I see someone writing with their left hand, I would get a rope and tie their hand behind the chair.” What I learned in the school is that the kids there did not rush their work, they took their time. Finally we left from the school and moved to our second to last program.

We headed out to the “Making trolley class”  We waited for a while, then we entered the room. We were split up into 4 quarters of the room. The teacher there said that we had to work as a team and build a go cart. We finally built a go cart, then we headed out to our last class. It gave me amazement because how they had to build their own transportation,   in the “Making trolley class”.  Our next step was to have lunch and then go for our “Tour”

We were told to split again into two groups one with Miss Moodley and the other with the teacher there. We got given a paper that had heaps of things on it that I don’t know because the teacher had it. We looked around and had to find some things that didn’t belong in the 1800’s. We finished all the things on our paper then we had lunch and went back to school.
Latanoa, Julia, Salome

My Supa Hero


The three people that have inspired me to be good are my Mum, Dad and Jesus. They are the three people who want me to be good. The clothes represents my Mum because she likes wearing nice clothes. The Tonan cross represents my Dad because he believes in his Tongan culture.The rosary represents Jesus because he is a powerful man.By Meleseini

My Supa Hero

My Super Hero!!!

My First inspiration is God. The almighty cross represents Him. My second inspiration is my Nana. The dress represents my Nana because she designs her very own dresses and my nana makes me one only on special days. My Grandpa is my last inspiration and the background colours represent him  because he loves his country.

My Supa Hero

My amazing super hero My Amazing super hero who inspires me is my mum. The hair represents her. The patterns and the rosary is part of my grandma. The flower represents my little sister and older sister. The Tongan flag represents my dad. The nike shoes represents my brother Isaiah. And the green background is the colour of my grandad. The brown hair represents my little sister Alilia. These are the people who inspire me and make up my own Supa Hero.