Sunday, 11 May 2014

Descriptive writing by Justin

The beach.

Descriptive writing

Using the Sensory details Smell,Hear,Taste,Touch, and using similes and metaphors.

Walt: Understand the structure of descriptive writing

At the beach, it has dusty sand that is on the ground and I can see the blue water that pounds into the shore and makes noises like a crash.              
When you taste the seawater it really taste like salt. When I touch the water it feels smooth and it just goes right through my fingers and the sand feels rough.

I can hear the birds making noise, I can hear the water pounding onto the shore and people talking whenever they play sandcastles and other stuff.
When I go into the water and when I go under the water it smells like salty water.
                                         THE END :)

Mothers by Salote

When I See my mother she looks like the sweetest thing in the world. Everytime I Hear my mother calling, she sound like an angel. When my mother walks past me she smells like sweet yummy chocolate. My mother is an special lady and she is the coolest mum in the world.

Mother’s poem

A mother is a person, who will protect you and keep you safe. A mother is a person, who is there to wash your clothes, make you food to eat, keep you healthy and is always there. A mother is a person, who will take you to place’s you want to go, let you go when she ready. Right from my heart...It has three little words “I love you”.

Descriptive Writing (Mothers) by Monique

Every Morning when I See My mother she looks just like a beautiful sun shining in the air. Every day I Hear my mother she sounds just like a angel sent down from Heaven. Whenever I Touch my mum I can feel the warmth of her love spreading around me. Whenever I sleep it feels like she is with me all the time.

*Dearest Mother I love you like no other I will never find another caring and loving Mother. You are my World. xox

Mothers Day by Paul

Today I will be talking about my beautiful Mother, because it is nearly Mothers Day.

When I see my Mom everyday it is one of the best moments of my life because she is beautiful like a rose, she is pretty like the stars at night.

Her food tastes like it is Christmas everyday, especially when it was her awesome delicious  custard pie with whip cream.

She smells nice when she put her lovely perfume on, sometimes it give me a headache but most of the time it smells like red strawberries. When I hear her singing it brightens up my day.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

NZ Breakers by Rosrine


Just after morning interval the entire school lined up. We rang the bell because we just learnt that we were having special visitors.

“Everyone follow me to the courts quietly”, Mrs Williams announced. I saw two Baradene Juniors standing right beside the court gate I was wondering why they were here.

A few minutes later I looked along the parking lot and I saw a big grey van coming up the steep driveway. Two boys hopped out of the van and they were wearing NZ Breakers singlets, “Hey that looks like the man that use to be our basketball coach, and he was here with Bruce”, I whispered to Annalise and Alecia.

The two TALL MEN walked into the court with a bag of 6 shiny basketballs that had NZ BREAKERS written across it. The tall men stood in front of us and they were introducing themselves and telling us about them. Their names were Duane, Bailey and Daryl Corletto they were all gigantic.

Fact 1: Duane Bailey’s height is 196cm and his position for Basketball is Power Forward.
Fact 2: Daryl Corletto is 198cm and his position for Basketball is Guard.

Once Duane and Daryl finished introducing themselves, they asked if we all had any questions. One of the questions were inspired them to play basketball and what sport did they play before basketball?

Before Duane played Basketball he played Rugby but then he gave up Rugby to play Basketball. Straight after we asked them questions we played a game called Red light ,Green light. How you play this game is if the person who is not playing says Green light, that means run and if he or she says Red light while you are running, and you move then you are out and you have to start all over again.

After playing Green light, Red light We sat down quietly and and listened to Daryl. “If you win in this game we will give you a ball to take home”, Daryl shouted.

The game that we were going to play with our special visitors was a game called Dribble Knockout The people who won and got a ball was, Viliami, Frank, Laki, Marastella, Esupio and Albert.

Annalise and I ran to class and grabbed our writing book so Daryl could sign it. Daryl signed my book and I was so happy, Duane Bailey signed my hat and it was so awesome.

The Best highlight of my day was getting autographs and taking pictures with them.
Fact 3: Duane Bailey’s Current Season Statistics are (PPG 1.5, APG 0.3 and RPG 0.5) and his Career Stats are the same as his Current Season Statistics.

Fact 4: Daryl Corletto Stats are (PPG 8.7, APG 1.1, and RPG 0.9).


The Breakers by Alecia

Everyone rushed like a herd of Elephants to Lineup as soon as the hand bell rang. We were extremely excited for this special event. This event was that the New Zealand Breakers were coming to our school!!

On a awesome Monday afternoon there was a good vibe because everybody was really excited for the New Zealand Breakers to come!! It wasn’t the whole team coming it was just 2 people. The 2 people were Duane Bailey and Daryl Corletto. Duane’s position was Power Forward and Daryl’s position was Shooting Guard. DUane was from West Auckland, New Zealand and Daryl was from Melbourne, Australia.

This was a really awesome opportunity for us and we really enjoyed it. After the hand bell rang everybody settled down and Mr Coakley reminded us about having good manners and being respectful to our visitors. When Mr Coakley finished his reminder we were escorted by our teachers to the Tennis Courts. When they had finally arrived everybody was freaking out because they couldn’t believe that it was actually them!! They were extremely tall and their shoes were gigantic!!

They also came with a bag of Basketballs. When we all settled down Daryl and Duane finally spoke. They said that people could win the Basketballs with their signatures!! People were really excited for this. But we had to play games and compete to win.

We played 4 games and my favourite game was Dribble tag. In this game there were 6 people that had to dribble around with the basketball, while running and trying to tag people. If you got tagged then you are out and then you will have to sit down. This is my favourite game because I had a lot of fun during it.

At the end we also did a little Quiz. We had to answer the questions and if we got it right then we would win a wrist band. When everything was over we had a few photos and Duane and Daryl was kind enough to sign our School Hats and our books. Some people only got 1 signature and some people were lucky enough to get both of their signatures.

My highlight of the day was playing all of the games because I felt like it will really help us with our Basketball skills. I felt really pleased because this was really fun. To me this was a really cool experience and I will just like to thank the people that could give this opportunity to us.

New Zealand Breakers by Catherine

New Zealand Breakers On a lovely afternoon we had a special guest visiting Saint Pius X. They were from the New Zealand breakers. It were only two members that came to represent their team and they were Daryl Corletto and Duane Bailey. Daryl comes from Melbourne, Australia and Duane come from West Auckland. Daryl’s position in basketball is a guard and his height is 193cm, he weighs 87kg and he is number 3. Duane’s position in basketball is a power forward, he weighs 87kg, his height is 196cm and he is number 11.

When they finished introducing themselves they got us to warm-up because we were going to be playing some games. The winners of the games won a breakers ball and hand band. Everyone was having fun competing for the prizes. We also played another game called Red light, Green light. Green light, Red light was easy to play when Duane says green light we all have to try to run to the other side of the court, If he says red light everyone has to stop until he say green light again, if you're still moving when its red light you have to start again. It was very hard to win this game because Duane kept changing the lights quickly.

When we all finished playing games we all came together and sat down. We got to ask Daryl and Duane about their life.. The highlight of my day was playing Red light, Green light because everyone was being nice to each other and not cheating. The bad thing that I didn’t like about it was when people were pushing each other and making people cry. But besides I had lots and lots of fun and people were very elated because they were laughing and having fun.