Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Using new language features in our writing

This term we have been really focusing on using new language features in your writing. Each day we do Newsboard wrting where we describe the weather. We have been using similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration. Each week our descriptions have been improving. Here are some examples of our awesome writing.

I can feel the wind delicately dancing past me
and the sun is chasing us like a wild goose chase.
I can hear the birds singing they are singing opera songs
and the ground is drenched like it will never dry up

I can see the tree wobble wildly, I can see the clouds floating in the air like they are in heaven.
I can hear the birds flapping in the sky looking for land to raise their young.

I could feel the wind high fiving my hand
I could see the bright green rubbish bin all still like a frozen computer

I can see the sun looking down like a falling fireball.

I can see the tree waving their hands and losing some of their hair.

The clouds are dark like they are having a war with the sun in the sky.

I could feel the sun burning on my arms like I’m in a safari

I can see the sun and clouds greeting each other trying to make new friends

My ears can hear the wind rushing like an invisible racing car in the classroom

I can hear the birds racing for the golden medal
I can see the grass flirting with the flowers
I can see the branches alone without any leaves

When I feel the wind it feels like l’m flying

I can feel the wind crashing into my body like  people punching you

The birds are screaming like they are having a war. They are singing “This is it boys! This is war!”

My eyes could see the clouds swimming in the sky,  the trees are dancing to the beat of the rushing wind and the trees are losing their hair.

I can hear the tree branches swishing side to side like they are all doing zumba

Monday, 8 April 2013

Holy Week

We have had a very busy past few weeks in Room 6. Along with our normal learning, we also celebrated Holy Week. This is the week leading up to the Easter celebrations. As a school, we had an Easter liturgy that depicted the Passion of Christ. We also created Google presentations explaining Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Here is Sonya's for you to see.