Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Narrative by Alecia

“Wow what a beautiful day for kayaking and Fishing!!” Said Kate as she woke up and opened the curtains.

Once upon a time there was a Woman named ‘Kate.’ She was on a trip in Hawaii!!! What a great place to be. She had been in Hawaii for 2 days and it was Awesome!! So far she went for a wonderful swim at the beach, she had a fancy dinner and she had a soothing bubbling  bath with scented Candles around her.

She was having the time of her life. So when she woke up she decided to go kayaking. So she went for a nice quick shower put on her clothes and she rented a Kayak.  This was going to be her first time going kayaking, she was very excited.

On her way to the beach she bought a fishing rod, some bait for fishing and then headed off to the beach. When she got to the beach she saw a man waiting there. It looked like he was waiting for her. He had a name tag on his shirt. His name was ‘Mitch.’

She walked up to him and said, “hello my name is Kate. Are you waiting for me?” Then he replied,  “actually I am waiting for you. Hello my name is Mitch. We came here with your Kayak you rented for 1 day. I will be teaching you how to use the Kayak.” After when he taught her how to use it she headed off into her Adventure.

So she left the shore and kayaked and kayaked and kayaked, until she came to a stop and said to herself, “well this looks like a good place to fish.”  So she waited and waited and waited until she felt something tug towards her. She got so excited that she started to pull.

But the thing that she didn’t know that the fish that she caught was a Great  White Sharks Lunch!! Uh-oh she is in big trouble!!! When the Great White Shark saw the fish run away he got really angry and chased after it. When the fish got closer and closer she could she this blue and black shadow chase right behind it. So when she looked closer she looked at the beady eyes and she realised that it was the Great White Shark!!!

So first she reeled the fish in as quickly as she could and she sped off kayaking like lightning. She knew that she had to give the Shark’s fish back so she stopped kayaking and she threw the fish back in the water. After that the Shark stopped and he glared at Kate then he swam away.

Well it was nearly time for sunset and Mitch said to bring in the Kayak before sunset. She was unhappy because she didn't get to catch any fish but she also had a great adventure!!! So she kayaked back to shore where she found Mitch waiting for her. So she gave the Kayak back to Mitch and she headed back home. She got into bed got very comfortable and wondered what her next adventure was going to be!!!

Auckland Nines Day 2 and Finals by Patrick

The Auckland Nines 2014 has now came to an end with the Warriors missing out on playing in the nines final, Losing to the Cowboys in the Second Semi Final. The Warriors were scoreless in both halves. So the Cowboys played against the Broncos in the nines Final and went to win and take out the NRL Dick Smith Auckland Nines 2014. After the final was finished they had awards to be awarded to some of those great players who participated in the Nines. Warriors Halfback Shaun Johnson got awarded the NRL Dick Smith Auckland Nines MVP for all that great work that he had put in to the Nines. Broncos also got awarded a award for coming second out of the overall Tournament. Last but no least the Cowboys got awarded the NRL Dick Smith Auckland Nines trophy. Captain of the Cowboys Gavin Cooper got awarded the trophy and celebrated with the rest of the team. There you go the NRL Dick Smith Auckland Nines is now done and dusted for 2014.