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Monday, 23 November 2015

Canada (Rugby World Cup!) by Samantha

Scary Weekend by Stanley

In the weekend, I was in the lounge sitting watching the sun. All of a sudden I fell in a hole. Then, I woke up in a dark room, with a red door with a light on top and smoke around me. It looked so creepy and I was screaming, then something just covered my mouth and it felt like hands.

Just after a few seconds, it just stopped and a voice told me to enter the red door. I was just being a scaredy cat. Then I entered the door and I heard screaming. It was dark, but then there was a lantern on top of a table. So I held it and looked around the dark place.

The further I went in, the harder it was for me to find my way back. I could still hear screaming, but this time the voice was near. I tried to look for the door, to run because I felt scared. Suddenly, a girl stood in front of me she had one arm and a bicycle. She started to scream and it sounded so horrible. So then I went around and I think her parents were standing in front of me.

Then I turned around but then someone was there. BOOM!!! I heard a shotgun firing, it was firing everywhere. Boom, Boom, Boom,   my heart beating so fast it was just a dream. It was just my brother drumming on the wall. Then it was time to eat, when I walked into the kitchen and all of a sudden I saw the little girl with her bicycle, she was standing in the hallway nah I was only lying.

E  N  D

Report Writing (Person) - Whitney Houston by Malia


Report Writing - Brazil by Kalolaine

This is my piece of work that I have been working on for about 2 or 3 weeks, I have been researching and retelling details that I have been finding on the Internet also I have been rechecking answers that I find to see if it is true. I have learnt about the beautiful country bow it is your turn to learn about it, Comment if you love it thank you!!

Wedding at Cana by Rosrine

This term, in Religious Education, we had to make a Go Animate, PowToon, Google Presentation or a Movenote, and pick a story from the bible. Faleaka & I chose the story, Wedding at Cana & made a Go Animate, here it is.

Jesus is born by Ana-Lei

Jesus is Born by Analei Tumahai on GoAnimate

This is my go animate video recreating '' jesus is born '' and I hope you enjoy it......