Monday, 23 November 2015

Scary Weekend by Stanley

In the weekend, I was in the lounge sitting watching the sun. All of a sudden I fell in a hole. Then, I woke up in a dark room, with a red door with a light on top and smoke around me. It looked so creepy and I was screaming, then something just covered my mouth and it felt like hands.

Just after a few seconds, it just stopped and a voice told me to enter the red door. I was just being a scaredy cat. Then I entered the door and I heard screaming. It was dark, but then there was a lantern on top of a table. So I held it and looked around the dark place.

The further I went in, the harder it was for me to find my way back. I could still hear screaming, but this time the voice was near. I tried to look for the door, to run because I felt scared. Suddenly, a girl stood in front of me she had one arm and a bicycle. She started to scream and it sounded so horrible. So then I went around and I think her parents were standing in front of me.

Then I turned around but then someone was there. BOOM!!! I heard a shotgun firing, it was firing everywhere. Boom, Boom, Boom,   my heart beating so fast it was just a dream. It was just my brother drumming on the wall. Then it was time to eat, when I walked into the kitchen and all of a sudden I saw the little girl with her bicycle, she was standing in the hallway nah I was only lying.

E  N  D

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