Wednesday, 21 November 2012

APRA Uke Can Do It Competition

Last week our movie “Best Friends” played at The Manaiakalani Film Festival.  The idea for our movie came from a song we had written for the APRA Uke Can Do It Competition.  We were very excited to hear this week that our song had been placed second.  The following is the application we sent in with our song. 

This group is from Room 6 St Pius X Catholic School.
We are Pacific Islanders and love to play the ukes.
We also love to make up songs and perform to others by showing our talents.
We hope our song inspires you to never turn away from your best friend.
Never forget that your friends will always be there for you.
                       ST PIUS X LEGENDS!

Here is our movie featuring the song “Best Friends”. See more of our movies on our class blog.


  1. WOW Deja I guess right now you are feeling so proud of yourself and your group, you guys put a lot of hard work in this Movie and song. If this is your first time going to the Ukulele Festival it will be so much fun, I bet you guys will be awesome:) Good luck!

    1. Thank you Sonya for this awesome comment, I really appreciate it.
      And yes I am so proud of myself and the group. We did put a lot of hard work into both movie and song. I hope to see you at the Ukelele Festival. :)


  2. Great Movie Room 6,

    Loved the song - best friends, it was a really great movie! Your group of film makers , who made this movie should be proud of yourself! Great Film and song , love to see movie movies :D

  3. Nice recount St Pius X Legends. I really like your song 'Best Friends'. Keep up the good song writing your doing.

    Frank (Room 3)

  4. Hi Legend group I loved your song that you made up. I am sure that St pius is very proud with you. Maybe next time you can write a more interesting song about Friends

    Nice voice Latanoa, Congrats on your song with your class, Good on you playing the guitar and Julia and I really liked your Song Best Friend. Next time try don't be shy and be confident.

  6. This is a very nice song also film festival movei!.
    I really like how Latanoa was singing.
    Nice one the legend that made this movei nice.

  7. Wow! that was so amazing listening to you sing you always stick with your singing next time do not let yourself down and listen to other people what they say about you. Next time just be confident at all times and you achieve your singing career.Well Done :)


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