Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Manaiakalani Film festival, "Pay Attention" by Room 6

SPX Slade PAyAttention from Manaiakalani Film Festival on Vimeo.

This year, Room 6 decided to create a Film with a bit of suspense to entice the audience. It has a thriller twist to it which allows you the viewer to put the pieces together. We hope you enjoy our movie. We would love to hear what you have to say about our movie, so leave a comment today.


  1. I love the way you added music to create suspense, Room 6. Great movie. I'm sure no one will risk snoozing in class after watching this!

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  3. This is a great Movie To Show to kids how they need to show Attention. Thats Awesome

    By Mya

  4. Hi Room 6,
    I highly agree with your movie! It was a very interesting movie because I was so curious about what was going to happen next. I will surely pay attention now. Please check out our movie on

  5. Hi St Pius school
    This is a great movie and I like the way you present it. Nice work St Pius school.

  6. Hi Room 6 I like the Movie that your class made Great Moive

  7. Great job guys I think I need to pay attention in class.

  8. Hi Room 6
    I like your Film Festival movie about paying attention and not sleeping in class my favorite part was when everything looked like a black and white like a horror movie I felt exited when I heard the scream and felt a bit nervous. Keep up the great work.
    By Harry

  9. HI room six,

    June here. I am very pleased that you made your own movie. In classroom i will very pay attention in cllassroom.

    From June

  10. nice work guys if you don't pay attention in class you would not know what you are going to do
    keep out the good learning

    from DJae

  11. HI room 6
    i think your movie is really good.
    i need to pay attention in class to.

  12. Thank you for sharing this movie i think it was fantastic.I thought that it was funny when she woke up and no one was there.

  13. I really like your video If you dont pay attention in class you will get a low score and you might miss out on something and you might dream

    Well done room 6 keep up the good work

  14. HI st pius school
    this is a great moive to show the kids but my teacher thinks it is about
    a thriller but this moive is so funny this is a awesome moive room 6.

  15. HI room 6
    Your film festival movie is great. It is very creative and it looks like you put allot of work into it. I really understand the moral of the story to pay attention and not to slack of during class time. Keep up the great work and learning.

  16. Hi Rm 6
    Like your video I learned a lot from it. It was very strange about what was going to happen. Keep your work up.

  17. Hi there

    I really like your video it shows why you should always pay attention in class and never fall asleep before you will be left alone in class, all by yourself. You are all a star when I watch this video, oh by the way my name is Heather I am from Point England school in New Zealand. Great work and great learning as well. Well have a good day at school. (:

  18. Hi Room 6,

    I like the way you made the movie with a meaning behind it. You use your movie to teach people to focus and pay attention in class.

    From Natalie at Stonefields School

  19. Hi Room 6,

    I like how you filmed your video for film festival. I also like the way you added the music behind your movie.

  20. Hi Room 6,
    I enjoyed watching your movie on the big screen at Hoyts. I liked how you added suspense to your film. The black and white clips added the dark side to your film and left me guessing what might happen next.

    Keep up the great learning,
    From Miss Paton

  21. Good work Saint Pius You did very good you people did not like maths in the morning and the other girl she said wake me up i am going to sleep but you you did That is why you have to pay attention in class!!

  22. Hi room 6
    i think your movie is

  23. HI Saint Pius
    Well done. Your video looked really good on the big screen.
    This message is powerful to everyone. If you have time check our one out:
    This movie is so powerful.
    By Nazella from Panmure Bridge School

  24. Malo e lelei St Pius
    Good acting I really enjoyed your movie.

  25. Hi St Pius

    Your movie reminded me of myself in class. Since watching your movie, I now pay attention in class.

  26. Great work Room 6. Love the idea. What a great way to remind everyone to pay attention in class.
    Keep up the good work.

  27. This was a VERY popular movie at the 2014 Film Festival Room 6.
    Congratulations to you all and your teacher for presenting your message in such a fabulous way.

    Mrs Burt

  28. Hello Room 6:)
    I really like how you've created you movie!
    I've learnt alot from this movie. I liked how
    you've used alot of creative animations.
    I'm looking forward to next year's movie's.

  29. Helloo Room 6,
    I thought you did a really good job presenting your message in a funny, twisted way.
    Keep it up.

  30. Hey Room 6,
    Your guys acting towards the movie is really cool.. your movie was the funniest out of all movies great job room 6...

  31. Heey Room 6 .
    The movie you have presented for us was insanely incredible, I like how you guys presented it in a weird but humorous way. I think you guys did great keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what you put together next year.

  32. Hello Room 6 :)
    I thought that your movie made everyone laugh. It's important to pay attention in class, and I think that you've all delivered the message clearly.
    Keep up the good work.

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  34. Hey Room 6,
    I thought you done really good in producing you movie, and it is important to "PAY ATTENTION"

  35. Hey Room 6,
    I have enjoyed your movie, it was very entertaining, I like your main point "PAY ATTENTION". I am looking forward to seeing more of your movies, keep it up the good work.

  36. Hi Room 6,
    I really liked your movie. Its a great message "pay attention in class"
    You showed it in a great way.

    Keep up the good work


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