Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Catholic Schools Day by Monique

Yay! I said as soon as the teachers said St Josephs school was coming over to Saint Pius X Catholic school. On Tuesday, 21st May when St Josephs came to SPX, we had a school mass for Catholic school day with St Josephs school together as a community.

While mass was still going on, I got to know people already because I shook hands with the students from St Josephs. Even 2 house captains from St Josephs served our school mass and they brang along their priest Father Terry to be our father for today. I really enjoyed seeing a lot of students even though there were only 5 classes at St Josephs. it was a pretty small school, I really enjoyed celebrating school mass with Father Ioane and Father Terry.

Lunch time was on and I got to meet more and more people. I got to have a very special buddy name Tiana, she is very special to me because she was very kind to me and I was very kind to her. We had a lovely time together running playing singing and talking in our own place near the tree.

After lunch time Tiana and I ran and lined up ready to go to the hall for the school concert with St Josephs and SPX. Saint Pius sang some songs and performed and St Josephs students performed for us. I really enjoyed my time with St Josephs singing together and dancing. I hope we get to meet them again. I had a cool and amazing day. 

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