Thursday, 30 May 2013

Michelle Newton’s Visit to Room 6 by Leki

On Friday we had a guest speaker who spoke to us about how she became successful. The speaker was Michelle. She is 32 years old and works for Niu FM in Manukau City. She is a sound engineer and a stand up comedian.The minute she walked through the door she made us laugh with one of her jokes. She is a Cook Islander but her dad is English. Michelle went to university and studied hard so that she could work for a radio station. She told us that it is hard to get job to work on the radio. She wants to be the CEO of Niu FM so she works really hard so that  she can become  the CEO. We asked her a lot of questions like If she likes to read and if she wanted to work for the radio when she was young. When she was growing up she had always liked entertainment and that was a career she wanted to be apart of. She told us later on about her family she has two children and two dogs and is a single mum. She likes to embarrass her children but her mum likes to do the same thing to her. At work she works with a lot of Pacific Islanders because it is a Pacific Island radio station. She gets to meet  a lot of celebrities and most of them are kiwi. To me Michelle is an inspiration to people who want to be successful because she is successful.

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  1. Wow leki what an incredible story you must've had alot of fun with her
    I liked the part when you introuduced her.
    Keep up the great work Leki.

    From Rosrine


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