Friday, 21 June 2013

Alex's Visit by Catherine

Yesterday there was a visitor that came to our classroom and his name was Alex. When Alex came inside he took his laptop outside and put it on the table and he also took an Ipad outside and put it on the table. All the people said “WOW!”.

Then Alex went and sat down on the chair and Dalaney stood up and say “When we start we like to say this prayer”, after that we all did the sign of the cross and we sang the school prayer. Then Alex said that he is going to tell us about himself.

Alex told us when he was a younger he went to Trinity College and they got their own room. Also Alex said that when it morning then someone rang the bell and they had to wear a black hat and a black shirt.

Also Alex told us that their table looked like the table of the Harry Potter movie because they have long tables and lots of chair on it. He told us to follow your dreams, try your best, work hard and never give up also to study hard.

After when Alex told us about himself he asked us if we had any questions and all the kids put their hands up and Alex asked them one by one. After when all the kids asked their question then Alex gave us a prize.

Then we all say thank you to him, after that Miss Leaupepe told Alex can we have a picture then Alex said “yes”.
We all take a photo and after that we all say goodbye to Alex.

Also we had lots of fun with him, and he is amazing and cool!

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  1. Hey room 6

    I liked the theme of you animoto. And I'm glad that you put a lot of effort in this and had fun. Cool.


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