Tuesday, 6 May 2014

NZ Breakers by Rosrine


Just after morning interval the entire school lined up. We rang the bell because we just learnt that we were having special visitors.

“Everyone follow me to the courts quietly”, Mrs Williams announced. I saw two Baradene Juniors standing right beside the court gate I was wondering why they were here.

A few minutes later I looked along the parking lot and I saw a big grey van coming up the steep driveway. Two boys hopped out of the van and they were wearing NZ Breakers singlets, “Hey that looks like the man that use to be our basketball coach, and he was here with Bruce”, I whispered to Annalise and Alecia.

The two TALL MEN walked into the court with a bag of 6 shiny basketballs that had NZ BREAKERS written across it. The tall men stood in front of us and they were introducing themselves and telling us about them. Their names were Duane, Bailey and Daryl Corletto they were all gigantic.

Fact 1: Duane Bailey’s height is 196cm and his position for Basketball is Power Forward.
Fact 2: Daryl Corletto is 198cm and his position for Basketball is Guard.

Once Duane and Daryl finished introducing themselves, they asked if we all had any questions. One of the questions were inspired them to play basketball and what sport did they play before basketball?

Before Duane played Basketball he played Rugby but then he gave up Rugby to play Basketball. Straight after we asked them questions we played a game called Red light ,Green light. How you play this game is if the person who is not playing says Green light, that means run and if he or she says Red light while you are running, and you move then you are out and you have to start all over again.

After playing Green light, Red light We sat down quietly and and listened to Daryl. “If you win in this game we will give you a ball to take home”, Daryl shouted.

The game that we were going to play with our special visitors was a game called Dribble Knockout The people who won and got a ball was, Viliami, Frank, Laki, Marastella, Esupio and Albert.

Annalise and I ran to class and grabbed our writing book so Daryl could sign it. Daryl signed my book and I was so happy, Duane Bailey signed my hat and it was so awesome.

The Best highlight of my day was getting autographs and taking pictures with them.
Fact 3: Duane Bailey’s Current Season Statistics are (PPG 1.5, APG 0.3 and RPG 0.5) and his Career Stats are the same as his Current Season Statistics.

Fact 4: Daryl Corletto Stats are (PPG 8.7, APG 1.1, and RPG 0.9).


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