Tuesday, 6 May 2014

New Zealand Breakers by Catherine

New Zealand Breakers On a lovely afternoon we had a special guest visiting Saint Pius X. They were from the New Zealand breakers. It were only two members that came to represent their team and they were Daryl Corletto and Duane Bailey. Daryl comes from Melbourne, Australia and Duane come from West Auckland. Daryl’s position in basketball is a guard and his height is 193cm, he weighs 87kg and he is number 3. Duane’s position in basketball is a power forward, he weighs 87kg, his height is 196cm and he is number 11.

When they finished introducing themselves they got us to warm-up because we were going to be playing some games. The winners of the games won a breakers ball and hand band. Everyone was having fun competing for the prizes. We also played another game called Red light, Green light. Green light, Red light was easy to play when Duane says green light we all have to try to run to the other side of the court, If he says red light everyone has to stop until he say green light again, if you're still moving when its red light you have to start again. It was very hard to win this game because Duane kept changing the lights quickly.

When we all finished playing games we all came together and sat down. We got to ask Daryl and Duane about their life.. The highlight of my day was playing Red light, Green light because everyone was being nice to each other and not cheating. The bad thing that I didn’t like about it was when people were pushing each other and making people cry. But besides I had lots and lots of fun and people were very elated because they were laughing and having fun.

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