Friday, 21 March 2014

Book Review by Monique

Author -James Orchard
Title -The 3 little Pigs

What was the book about?
To me this book is about 3 little pigs who try to build there own little houses for them to live in, but the only problem is that they built their houses where the big bad Wolf stays so the Big Bad Wolf decides to destroy all their houses one by one.

What 3 things did you like about the book?
*Firstly I liked how they all had a sad face when the mother said it’s time for them to live on there own because they are big enough. They were so sad to leave their parents thats why they had a sad face.
*Secondly I liked how the Big Bad Wolf blew down the 1st little piggy's house in just one blow, but it was kind of sad for the 1st and youngest piggy.
*Lastly I liked how the Big Bad Wolf was trying his best to blow down the Oldest piggy’s house. He thought he could blow it down in one blow but it didn’t because the oldest piggy’s house was built in bricks. I liked how he was struggling by trying to blow down the oldest piggy’s house.

What was your best part?
While reading this book my best part so far was when he was struggling by trying to blow down the oldest piggy’s house. I liked how he kept trying and trying.

Who was your favourite character?
My favourite character was the 3 little pigs because they were brave and too smart for the Big bad Wolf when building the last house in bricks

Who would you recommend this to?
The person I would recommend this to is Rosalina because she is sometimes brave at school and anywhere. She’s also smart..

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