Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The shark and the man By Illaisaane

On a Saturday morning there was a man named Tom who  lived in New Zealand. It was a very hot day so Tom decided to go  kayaking. Tom packed his stuff and drove away in his car.
When he got to the beach parked his car and he stood in the sand and  checked whether or not the sea was calm. He was still standing there and he suddenly saw something black and it was moving inside the water, he then ran to his car , got his stuff and prepared to go into the water. When he went into the water he noticed it was already neck deep.

He paddled toward to the black thing that he saw earlier on. When he got closer to the black thing it disappeared deeper into the sea. As Tom was paddling he saw the black thing coming fast as it came closer Tom began to notice that it was a  big shark, he slowly turned around his kayak so that he was facing the shore. While Tom was watching the Shark he notice  big waves started to come in. Tom did not want to paddle because if the Shark saw him the Shark would try to chase him. As the waves were coming Tom saw that the waves were moving him closer to the shore, Tom was happy. As the Kayak was moving closer to safety Tom turned back to see where the Shark was, Tom saw the Shark right behind him.    

Tom was very scared because the Shark came closer and closer until the boat stopped, Tom looked forward and noticed that he was ashore and the the Shark was beside him in the sand. He took the Shark home and cooked it .  THE END.

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