Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Explanation Writing By Patrick

Prior Knowledge about Milk:
Where does it come from?
Milk comes from Cows and Goats.
How do we get Milk from Cows?
Cows can be Milked using Machines or by hand.
What does Milk do to us?
It make you have strong bones and very good teeth.
What can Milk be used in?
Milk can be used in many types of foods. Example: Scrambled Eggs, Cakes, Pastor
What Type of Milk is there?
People usually drink Blue Top milk. But some other people drink Trim Milk which has a Green top.
What do Cows Eat?
Cows eat grass.
How is the Milk transported from the farm to the factory?
The Milks gets transported from a Fonterra to milk factories to our diaries and supermarkets.

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