Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Holidays by Stanley Sosefo

In the holidays, I went to the movies with my brothers and my cousin. We went on a Friday, because my parents were going to a funeral, so we went by our self. I wasn't excited but my brothers and my cousin were.

First we bought our tickets, next we rushed to Pak N Save to buy our food. The first thing I got was two tim tams next I got Doritos, L&P, Pringles and I got four chocolate bars which was two M&M'S and Twix.

My brothers and my cousin got something else, so then we hurried back on time to the cinemas. When we finally got there the trailers just started, so we found our seats and then we settled down and waited for the movie to start.

When the movie started I felt bored because I don’t watch movies like the Maze Runner. So I thought to myself I would rather be in Tonga rather than here.

When the movie finished I was full like an elephant. At the end I really liked the movie,  after the movies I went back home feeling sick on the couch. Then I just fell asleep.

My favourite part was when the man played music that was a timer for the bomb,  then the building just exploded. The saddest part is when the man died half way on their trip to a safe place. Plus when the asian man got taken away. I am looking forward to the next holidays so I can have fun with my brothers and wela and my cousin.

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