Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My Supa Hero


The three people that have inspired me to be good are my Mum, Dad and Jesus. They are the three people who want me to be good. The clothes represents my Mum because she likes wearing nice clothes. The Tonan cross represents my Dad because he believes in his Tongan culture.The rosary represents Jesus because he is a powerful man.By Meleseini


  1. Wow meleseini i read you supa Hero. It was so cool and your supa hero story it was so cool.

  2. Wow meleseini well done i really like your super hero story. You have done good so next time you could do a long story because i know you can do it so keep it up.

  3. Wow Meleseni that was so cool story about super hero. You have done a good job. So next time you could write more then this. So keep it up for next time.


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