Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Howick Historical Village

Going back to the  past

One happy Friday St Pius X School went to Howick Historical Village.  We were wearing olden days clothes. We had morning tea before we went to have our first activity and we played some games. The first game we played was with a rope and the second game was with a little soft ball. That was the funniest game because the boys looked like they were kissing and then the last game was Squeak, piggie squeak.  That was my best game and it was funny too.

After that we went to Miss Millie’s classroom.  I thought the school looked like a house until the teacher came out with her stick that the olden day kids get a hiding with. She looked happy when she came out then when she told us about the rules she said “Don’t talk when the teacher is talking.” Then she looked angry. After she told us she welcomed us into the class and she explained what we would get punished for. I felt a little bit scared then I remembered that this was just a play so we sat down and wrote with nib and ink. Some people had a slate penil and a slate black board.

Then we went to the next activity where Miss James stays. We were put into four groups. I was put in Deja’s group. I was wondering what we were doing until I saw the tools on the ground. Then Miss James showed us a photo of the trolley we had to make. So we started and our team was running up and down to see what to do to fix the trolley. We put screws into the trolley then we got mixed up so Sione went and looked at the photo again. The other teams were about to finish so Villiami’s mum came past and helped a little bit more. Then Miss James said “Pack up time.” The other two teams were finished. They were riding their trolleys back and front while Mrss Moodley was taking the photos. After that Deja’s group saw room 7 so we all went outside and sat down on the ground with our bags to eat. After that its was our last activity.

After we finish eating we went to Rebecca for the treasure hunt. We were in teams finding stuff that didn’t belong to Howick Village. I was in Mrs Moodley's team. When we finished we called out what we found. Deja called our team and Lose called the other team.

Then we all lined up to go home then we all went on the bus and slept on the bus like sleeping tigers.

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