Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Howick Historical Village

The sun was high up but the clouds were blocking the sun from sharing its brightness, luckily it wasn’t so bad that it rained because it would have ruined our trip to Howick Historical Village! “I like your skirt” said Julia to Salome, Salome replied in a quivering voice “Shh stop mocking me its not funny.” Julia said “Fine..” with a little giggle. “Get your bag and then line up outside, Come on Come on quickly” yelled Mrs. Moodley all of the children rushed outside grabbed their bags of course before they went out and lined up. (I would've said they lined up perfectly but its not TRUE!) A couple of minutes after line up Rooms 6,7, 3 and 5 turned and faced the front gate of the school so they could walk down the hill and into the bus and begin our ADVENTURE at Howick Historical Village!

“That was my house” yelled Latanoa when she had spotted it but some of us just gave her that look “Like umm since when?”. Later when we had sat down Latanoa carried on saying “That was my house!” then the rest of us just groaned!  

When we had finished eating our morning tea we had put our bags into a cupboard and lined back up into our classes, Room 6 was the best at lining up (SURPRISING!) so first of all we left. We had walked over to this house that was pretty big, when we had gotten there we had no idea what was going to happen next so first the girls went in and etc. We were all fascinated at what the houses looked like when we saw the room, our guidance, Miss Doods, first taught us a few games and all of them made us laugh and scream. After we had finished our “parlour” games we had a quick tour around the house and it was fascinating!

Our next activity was at the school house... “Shortest to tallest please quickly!” said Mrs. Mills, “She’s scary” I whispered to my friend Salome and she replied with a face that was dead plain it was like someone was holding her hostage then I just got a fright and faced the front. When we had all gotten into the school house the girls had to curtsy to greet and the boys had to bowed it was weird to me and I bet I wasn’t the only one that was thinking that. First we partnered up and then sat in our seats, on our desk we had sitting in front of us a slate and another slate. (what you write with and what you write on.) Later on when we were in the schoolhouse we had a spelling quiz, it was easy!

Ding Ding Ding Ding! That meant we have to move to our next activity. “Hello children” says Mrs. White after she had finished we walked inside, we had been split up into four groups also in different parts of the room and all we had to do was build something similar to a cart (sounds pretty easy but it’s not!). Mrs. White showed us a picture of what we had to build and what it was meant to look like then she explained the boundaries and then we went off! “No it doesn’t go there it goes here” screamed eager students on this task  because this was a task that you had to work with your group but some people just couldn’t help it! The group I was in we kept on screaming “FINISHED!” so Mrs. White walked over to our group and said “Nope something is not in its right place” and we groaned! “Finally!” we all screamed because the bell rang but it wasn’t so stable because after two people went on it fell apart!
Lunchtime. Before we walked out we had to take our “cart” apart then we walked outside. I had my lunch with my other friend Genevieve we shared our lunch together then moved on to our next activity.

Next Activity was something kinda like a scavenger hunt and a tour?  (I have forgotten our guide’s name for this activity.) Again we had been split up but we only were split up into two groups one with Mrs. Moodley and one with our guide. Our guide first explained how to do it and then we all took off in our groups. Later my friend Julia and Latanoa had to go with Mrs. Moodley so that meant I was with Salome and Siniva but while we were walking and walking around the village I ended up playing a little game with Dalaney... “Boo!” says Dalaney behind a door, “So scary” I said sarcastically but after we moved on and I discovered that life in the olden days were very harder compared to now a days.

We had finished all of our activities and said a big “THANK YOU!” to the Mrs and Miss’s and went back to school.                                          

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