Friday, 14 September 2012

Ascott - Music Evening

Music Evening
How to play piano“Mum hurry up we need to go oh man I’ll be late”. “Bye I need to go” so I ran to class. Some people were already there, but not everyone. Mrs Modley’s daughter took pictures of the boys and the girls in room 6. Mrs Tui rang the bell for the classes to lined up.

The most of school walked inside the hall. But my class had to wait for Lezabelle. Room 2 started first with a prayer. Alia was singing “God is love and God’s love is everlasting”. After that the room 7 girls did a maori dance to say welcome the audience.

Room 1 did a stick dance it was cool. Then room 2 and 1 did a dance together. Next it was room 5 they played two songs with their recorders. They played and walked all around the stage. Room 4 did a dance called the beat box boogie. When they danced everyone started to boogie, even I tried to boogie.

Room 3 was singing but we were next, I felt scared. When they finished we walked to the stage and played our first song “oh when the saints”. When played it a second time, Leone was singing and clapping all over the place. Lastly we played “twinkle, twinkle little star”. Room 1 and 2 were singing along when we were playing.

Room 7 boys did a Fijian dance called the Meke, it was scary. Aleina standed up, and the whole school was singing. Then we started to overtake Aleina. It was an awesome night but I was tired, so i went home.

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  1. This is a great recount Ascott. I enjoyed room 1 Stick song too. keep up the great work Ascott.


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