Friday, 14 September 2012

Desiree - My Athlete

VALERIE ADAMS, women's shot put gold, Beijing 2008 - Valerie Vili, as she was then, went into the Olympics as world champion after a title winning throw in the final round but was determined not to leave it too late in Beijing. After throwing the furthest in qualifying, the 23-year-old blew the field away with a personal best of 20.56m on her first throw. She continued with that form with the rest of her five throws, all of them sailing out past the 20m-mark. Such was her dominance that three of her five efforts were good enough for gold.  (Source: Photosport )

Valerie Adams is my athlete. She plays shot put for New Zealand.Valerie Adams height is 193 cm /6,4. She weighs  120 kg/265 lbs. For training she lifts 100 pounds.   Valerie Adams was born on October 14th  1984,in Rotorua. She began to take part in shotput contests at the age of 14 years. When she took part in the schoolcompetition she was seen by Jean-Pierre, (Valerie Adams current coach).Her Tongan mother died from cancer when Valerie was 16.

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  1. Wow Desire that a good story about Valerie Adam.
    All the togan that in your class should do a song for Valerie Adam to celebrate her gold medal but well done.
    Keep it up:)


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