Friday, 14 September 2012

Dawn - Music Evening

“Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Malo lelei, Bula Vinaka and Good Evening”, Lavinia said in a cheerful voice. Later on Room 2 lead us with a prayer, “In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit...Amen...”.  After they had finished Room 1 and 2 did their item. We gave them a big round of applause. I heard a lot of the audience shouting comments such as “Aww, cute!”. Not long after their items the crowd sat down and it was Room 7’s turn. They welcomed everyone with a Maori song.

Mrs. Carter talked to her “gophers” and said “After them you have to bring the instruments forward please”, Room 5 done their item, it was beautiful. Then Room 4 performed their Boogie!. Room 4 had a lot of energy for their item. Next up is Fresh Vibration!. Fresh Vibration was Awesome with their original song “Happy”. Now it’s time for NOIZY BOIZ!. St. Pius X screamed “Ahhh!! WOW! NOIZY BOIZ! You were all AWESOME!” . For Room 3’s item they sang “Puppet on the Street”, it was lovely. Finally it was our turn. Lavinia welcomed us in and said “Next up is Room 6, come on Room 6 show us what you got!”.

We had finished our performance and it was PHENOMENAL!. After our performance the Room 7 boys done a Fijian dance called the “Meke”.The night was finished off with a song lead by  A’leina. The song was from the  movie “Sister Act.”.



  1. WOW Dawn I like your writing about the Musical Evening. I especially like how you express your feelings in your writing. Maybe next time you could check your work before you post it onto your blog. Keep up the great work Dawn From sonya

  2. Awesome Recount Dawn!
    I really enjoyed reading this piece of text. Well done with writing about every item. Next time maybe you could actually write about the item, not just the introduction of it. Also, our song was "Puppet on a String" not "Puppet on a Street"


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