Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Howick Historical Village

Back to the Victorian Age
“Lunch box, bag and shoes all over the place! Where can I find my shoes? Ah there they are.” I walked over to the bath and got ready for our school trip to Howick Historical village. We arrived at the school and I walked to the class. After a while the bell rang for the senior syndicate to get ready for the trip. Finally we arrived at the village. First of all  we had to eat our morning tea, then we got sent off to our classes. My class walked together and lined lined up into two straight lines.

Our first class was called “ Parlour Games” The aim of the game called “Squeak Piggy Squeak” was to sit in front of someone's lap and say “Squeak Piggy Squeak” and they had to try and hide their identity and the person who said “Squeak Piggy Squeak” has to try and identify who is SQUEAKING!  We played a couple of games, we learned that the the kids from the olden days only got a piece of rope for christmas but they liked what they got. After playing some wonderful games we split into 2 groups and we had a look around the house,” We found some really interesting things. It was time to go to the schoolhouse.

We wandered around the village to look for the school, we saw room 5 walk out of the school so we all walked in our lines and stood in front of the teacher. The teacher asked if we are responsible kids? I looked to the teacher and she gave me some funny eyes. I said, “ Yes I’m responsible” and we walked into the class. “ She’s serious,” I thought to myself. The teacher said that all the girls had to curtsy and all the boys had to bow. It was time to learn what we had to learn. It was very scary because the teacher came walking around the class with a crane hooked onto her arm. The moment she step foot in front of me, she spoke up to the whole class,” Normally if I see someone writing with their left hand, I would get a rope and tie their hand behind the chair.” What I learned in the school is that the kids there did not rush their work, they took their time. Finally we left from the school and moved to our second to last program.

We headed out to the “Making trolley class”  We waited for a while, then we entered the room. We were split up into 4 quarters of the room. The teacher there said that we had to work as a team and build a go cart. We finally built a go cart, then we headed out to our last class. It gave me amazement because how they had to build their own transportation,   in the “Making trolley class”.  Our next step was to have lunch and then go for our “Tour”

We were told to split again into two groups one with Miss Moodley and the other with the teacher there. We got given a paper that had heaps of things on it that I don’t know because the teacher had it. We looked around and had to find some things that didn’t belong in the 1800’s. We finished all the things on our paper then we had lunch and went back to school.
Latanoa, Julia, Salome

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